Vladimir Gligorić


Vladimir Gligoric is a pianist based in Belgrade, Serbia. He was born in 1979 in the former state of Yugoslavia (now Serbia), in the family of opera singers. He started his music education as a pianist in Belgrade Music School Mokranjac in the class of professor Tijana Dimitrijevic whom Vladimir Gligoric considers one of the most important persons in forming his personality as a musician. Upon his graduation, Gligoric enrolled in the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. Soon afterwards, he attended the Music Conservatory in Geneva (Switzerland) where he briefly perfected his performance skills. Finally, he received his M.A. and Ph.D at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade in the class of the renowned pianist, Aleksandar Sedlar.

So far, Vladimir Gligoric has received some significant awards for his artistic achievements. He won the 3rd prize at the International Piano Competition In Memory of Emil Gilels in Odessa (Ukraine, 2010). Furthermore, he was the finalist of the International Piano Competition Jeunesses Musicales (USA, 2011) at which he received the Special Award for the best performance of a virtuosic piece. In addition, the Association of Musical Artists of Serbia and the magazine Muzika Klasika awarded him with the annual prize for the Best Young Artist in 2009 and 2010.

He has given numerous recitals throughout Serbia, as well as Europe, the most important of which have been in Rome, Ascoli Piceno, Geneva, Paris, Barcelona, Zagreb, etc. He has also performed at various festivals such as BELEF, OKTOH, Cello Fest, Mermer i Zvuci, International Review of Composers, ELECTE, BUNT and KoMA in Serbia, Hvar Summer and the Music Biennale in Zagreb (Croatia), Nuovi Spazi Musicali (Italy) and Balkan Forum (Bulgaria).

What’s more, Vladimir was invited to perform on several occasions with the Serbian RTV Symphony Orchestra, along with the ensembles such as Dusan Skovran String Orchestra of Belgrade, Camerata Serbica, Ljubica Maric String Orchestra, Metamprphosis String Ensemble, Razgrad Philharmonic Orchestra (Bulgaria), and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Odessa (Ukraine). He collaborated with conductors such as Bojan Sudjic, Biljana Radovanovic, Vladimir Kranjcevic, Rade Pejcic, Ivan Markovic, Dragomir Nenov, Hobart Earl and Alexander Walker.

Gligoric is active both as a soloist, and as a chamber musician. Having been invited by one of the most prominent opera divas from former Yugoslavia, Professor Emeritus, Mrs. Radmila Bakocevic, he has established his professional, long-term collaboration with opera singers, professors and students. According to Gligoric, this has been quite a significant step for his development as a musician since it has in many ways enabled him to broaden his musical horizons and perfect his interpretation skills.

Even though his repertoire comprises a great deal of classical pieces, Gligoric is also dedicated to contemporary music. He regularly performs contemporary piano pieces, therefore, he has made some debut performances of different contemporary works. He has also released several CDs that were issued both in Serbia and in France. The CDs contain the music written by Serbian composers such as Vasilije Mokranjac, Ivan Jevtic, Vlastimir Trajkovic, Isidora Zebeljan, Ivan Brkljacic, Mihovil Logar, Dragutin Gostuski and Dejan Despic.

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